Photo of the Horsefly restaurant at Montrose Regional Airport

Horsefly Restaurant Logo MTJHorsefly Brewing has two locations in the Montrose Regional Airport terminal. One location is located in the general terminal area, near the rental car company desks. The second location is located within the secure area, after you pass through TSA. 

San Juan Coffeehouse logoPhoto of San Juan coffeehouse front counter at MTJVoted Best of the Valley in Coffee and Customer service since opening our doors in 2021, San Juan Coffeehouse prides ourselves in superior product and service.


Shelter Distilling LogoPhoto of Shelter Distillery Bar Shelter was born in the mountains — a haven for outdoor adventure and home to natural ingredients with no equal. From pure mountain water, to local botanicals picked by hand and grains sourced from the American West, we transform their rich natural character into unique, amazing spirits.

We chose the name Shelter because it’s what we seek after an adventure filled day in the mountains or a hard day’s work. Adventure lives in harmony with Shelter. It takes one to fully enjoy the other.

Shelter has earned numerous awards for its outstanding spirits, each with unique flavor profiles created through vision and imagination, and a deep appreciation for complex flavors and notes. We are proud to share these distinctive spirits with inspired cocktail lovers who appreciate all the things we do – exceptional quality, an adventurous spirit, and a life well-lived.  

View the Shelter Distilling menu.