Airport Survey - Tell Us How We're Doing!

Airport Survey

  1. Please help us improve our service and facilities by answering a few questions.  You may provide additional comments or suggestions at the end of the survey.

  2. 1. How would you rate availability and efficiency of transportation options to/from the airport?
  3. 2. Were baggage carts available and at a convenient location?
  4. 3. Was the ambiance and design of the passenger terminal pleasing?
  5. 4. Was the passenger terminal seating comfortable?
  6. 5. How long were you in the security screening line?
  7. 6. Were you treated professionally by TSA screening personnel?
  8. 7. Were you able to hear boarding, baggage pickup, and other public announcements clearly?
  9. 8. How would you describe the ease of transit between the parking area and your arrival or departure gate.
  10. 9. Please rate the availability of televisions, charging stations, and flight information displays.
  11. 10. How long did it take for your baggage to arrive?
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